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To help you navigate, we have divided this website up into Garage Doors, Remote Control, Entrance Gates and several other self-explanatory sections (see menu above). You will find that keywords are mostly clickable.

We hope that this provides you with a straightforward way to choose the ideal garage door or electric entrance gate for you.

When it comes to garage doors we are the experts and can provide you with help right from the Planning stage through to choosing the best material Colour, and type of garage door.

The form & function of your garage door is an important balance to consider with your new garage door.

Form, as in the outward appearance, because the garage door can represent up to 30% of the frontage of your home. It can therefore be a key decision.

Function, because the way your new door works can be very important. Do you need a vertically operating door which will not project outwards; either because there is a pavement or in order to fit another car on your drive? Maybe you need the maximum space inside your garage. Perhaps you require insulation to keep a room above warmer or the garage is used as a workshop?

If you want electrically operated entrance gates you have come to the right place. We can guide you through all the stages from Planning to material and design to the ideal method of automation. One of the key decisions in planning a gate installation is usually how you will use it – the specific way you and visitors will gain access to your newly secured impressive entrance.

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