Entrance Gates have had a considerable revival in the UK as a result of both lifestyles and security considerations. From aims such as keeping your children or dog in your grounds to retaining a neat & tidy demarquation of your property, gates serve an important function as well as providing the finishing touch.

Having said this, it becomes clear that for both practical and safety reasons getting in and out of the car to open and close your gates is not going to be the sort of job you want for yourself in the long term.

The good news is that Gate Automation has become more attainable and reliable than years ago. Reliability with the right equipment is very close to 100% and cost can be as little as £1000.  Simple Remote Control activated controls and photocells providing safety are standard.

Almost any design can be accommodated in conjunction with our standard range of steel and timber designs.

Systems are also flexible and can be integrated: providing the freedom of communication from a gate-mounted intercom to your house, business or mobile phone with the ability to activate the gate from any of these locations. Timers can be incorporated to allow access freely during working hours (for instance) but access only to authorised users at other times. PC based systems can also record each individual’s timed usage of each gate and door (where access is controlled). Laport have experience in the design of many bespoke systems to customer’s individual requirements.

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Entrance Gate Gallery

Below is a small selection of photos to give you some inspiration for your entrance gates