Roller (also known as Continuous Curtain)

This type of roller Garage door is constructed from a single thin skin of galvanised steel and is coated with a durable layer of plastic – this finish is called Plastisol and has a 10 year guarantee. These doors can be manual or electrically operated.
As can be seen from the photo the motor is mounted within the door roll make it compact and secure
In the case of a power cut an electrically-operated door is released by means of a cord and can be raised or lowered with the assistance of an internal spring.

Roller – Insulated

This type of roller garage door is constructed from individual lathes each made from a layer of polyurethane foam sandwiched between two skins of aluminium and is finished in a special hard-wearing polymer which is guaranteed for two years.

It is also available in three laminate woodgrain finishes


  • Unsurpassed security on Securoglide design
  • Individual lathe construction (replaceable)
  • No outward travel during its movement
  • Internal clearance maximised for high vehicles
  • Excellent Security
  • Very little projection into garage roof space
  • Full opening height can be achieved (if sufficient headroom available)
  • Ease of use