There are three common materials out of which Garage Doors are constructed each with their own particular features:

  • Steel
  • GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
  • Timber

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Security is light years ahead of old-style garage doors with multi-point locking and 5-lever Euro-Profile locks.

Operating Gear

Two basic types of mechanism define the gear for garage doors:

Canopy or Tracked (also known as retractable).


As can be seen from the photo this type of mechanism operates with cable and an overhead spring.

Because the door panel projects outwards by approximately 1/3rd

when it is open (or up) it is known as a canopy garage door.

Retractable (or tracked)

You will see from the photo that the retractable garage door mechanism runs on tracks which are usually either suspended from the ceiling/roof joists or the sidewall.

Retractable Plus

Retractable Plus mechanism has been developed for doors up to 7’6” wide to allow extra “drive-through” width on smaller garage doors.

As can be seen from the photo this allows regular sized cars (please check if its an MPV or SUV) to be afforded extra space.

Up & Over wood frame


Up and over garage doors must all be mounted on a frame. This can be either timber or steel. The steel frame often comes pre-finished like the garage door and on smaller doors the frame and door is factory fitted providing a neat module for installation.

Here the door is shown pre-fitted to the frame and with optional 4-point locking



  • Easy to install
  • Maximum drive-through width


  • can operate any size door
  • easily converted to electric operation and remote control
  • Easily adjusted spring tension
  • May reduce the available drive-through width (but see Retractable Plus*).