Today’s busy lifestyles mean that you need all the help you can get when it comes to everyday tasks, so imagine never having to get out of your car to open your garage door ever again!

One of the most cost effective home upgrades must be an automatic garage door opener.

So for convenience, security, and safety, an electric garage door opener is hard to beat. When you press your remote control button a courtesy light illuminates your garage and this stays lit for about 4 minutes giving you plenty of time to get out of your car and into your house.

We can sometimes automate existing manual up-and-over garage doors, even side opening (side-hinged) garage doors but obviously a completely new installation is the best way to ensure full reliability.

Providing regular routine maintenance and care is taken of your installation, problems are rare and you can look forward to many years of trouble-free convenience with your new automatic garage door.


  • Remote Control hand transmitters – these operate from about 50 metres by radio (no pointing your handset)

  • The remote control hand transmitters have a virtually unique “rolling code” which is constantly changing and can be reset should you loose your controller

  • Soft stop & start

  • Securely closed – no extra locks to fiddle with

  • No more back or shoulder strains!

  • Manual release mechanism in case of power failure

  • Automatic timed courtesy light

  • Safety – obstacle detection – the door will reverse if it meets an obstruction

  • Optional accessories: keypads, push button, “Door Open” indicator & independent courtesy light control, remote disable feature, safety photocells

  • We can automate many types including up-and-over roller, sectional, side-hinged and round-the-corner garage doors.